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Family legal matters can be difficult because they can involve entire families. When faced with matters such as divorce and divorce-related issues, child custody and child support, spousal maintenance, prenuptial agreements, and contested divorce, you need an experienced family law lawyer representing your interests.

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The Court of Appeals recently reminded us that alimony (or spousal maintenance as it is called by statute) is still very much alive and well in Family Court. After a recent trip to the Court of Appeals, an ex-Husband learned this after an unsuccessful attempt to show the Court that his ex-Wife’s improved health and… Read more »

Divorce is not a Game

A divorce is just like any other lawsuit.  There’s a Plaintiff, a Defendant, and a presiding Judge (except that we call them Petitioners and Respondents in a divorce – not Plaintiffs and Defendants).  As with other civil lawsuits, a filing fee is required to file the case with the Court.  Once the case is filed,… Read more »

Family Court Lessons to be Learned from Prince

As we all know, Prince died last year.  He died without a will, and the battle over his estate wages on in Carver County District Court.  As we’ve also learned, he died from an apparent overdose of fentanyl – a prescription painkiller – and he is twice divorced. Prince’s most recent divorce was granted in… Read more »

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