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Family legal matters can be difficult because they can involve entire families. When faced with matters such as divorce and divorce-related issues, child custody and child support, spousal maintenance, prenuptial agreements, and contested divorce, you need an experienced family law lawyer representing your interests.

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Family Court Lessons to Be Learned from “Making A Murderer”

As I write this blog, the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” is all the rage. I, too, got sucked in, and watched all ten episodes. It is a fascinating, true-life story. It is also very eye-opening in how it sheds light on the fact that maybe not everything is as the legal system perceives it… Read more »

Personal Injury Settlements: Marital or Nonmarital?

If you were ever in a serious accident, or suffered a serious injury, you were likely part of a personal injury case. You may have received a sizeable financial settlement. If you were married at the time, and are now getting divorced, what happens to the proceeds? Do you divide them with your spouse? Or… Read more »

Orders for Protection and Divorce: Proceed Cautiously

Living in the same house as your spouse while divorce proceedings are also ongoing is stressful.  Ideally, the parties could live separately and negotiate temporary issues related to parenting time and financial support until the divorce is final.  That’s not always possible, though.  For better or worse, sometimes you are just stuck in the same… Read more »

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