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Family legal matters can be difficult because they can involve entire families. When faced with matters such as divorce and divorce-related issues, child custody and child support, spousal maintenance, prenuptial agreements, and contested divorce, you need an experienced family law lawyer representing your interests.

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Divorce Decrees: How “Creative” Should They Be?

In some ways, going through the divorce process can be like closing on a home. Many different forms and documents are prepared that you are asked to sign. It can be overwhelming. But, as I tell my clients, the most important document in the end is a document called the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of… Read more »


If you want a court to help you figure what right(s) you might have to raise your child, you want to be sure you’re asking the right court, and in particular, the court of the proper state.  Usually that’s an easy question to answer.  Typically (and hopefully) it’s not hard to figure out what State… Read more »

Divorce: The Marriage Rules Have Changed

Every marriage is different. In some marriages, the husband and wife are on equal footing. Both have the same say when it comes to making important family decisions. Neither spouse is subservient to the other. There is an equal give and take, and both voices are heard. Quite often, though, one spouse is more of… Read more »

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