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Family legal matters can be difficult because they can involve entire families. When faced with matters such as divorce and divorce-related issues, child custody and child support, spousal maintenance, prenuptial agreements, and contested divorce, you need an experienced family law lawyer representing your interests.

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If I’m getting a divorce and my house (that I owned before marriage) tripled in value during my marriage, does my spouse get to share in that increased value??  What if the increase was because of market performance? What if it was because we made a lot of improvements? What if it’s a little of… Read more »

Grandparent Visitation: Getting Your Foot in the Door

There are some laws on the books that although neutral on their face, can have different results when applied to different situations. Personally, I question whether the legislature truly intended the different results. Grandparent visitation provides one such example. Unfortunately, there are many families where, for one reason or another, the mother (or father or… Read more »

UPDATE! Olympic Trials Curling Field Expanded Thanks to Beyer & Simonson!

This is an update to this post. One of Marc’s personal interests crossed paths with his professional life recently when he represented a men’s curling team in their bid to be added to the Olympic Trials field.  Read more about it below! Car crash doesn’t stop Eden Prairie lawyer from ‘Olympic trial’ Here was a… Read more »

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