Minneapolis Domestic Abuse Lawyer

Domestic abuse is an issue in the Twin Cities and beyond, affecting many families of different classes. In recent years, law enforcement has been cracking down on domestic abuse through programs that help detect it, deter it, and stop it. Unfortunately, we cannot completely eradicate domestic violence.

If you are dealing with a domestic abuse situation, it is important that you seek help as soon as possible. You can obtain an Order for Protection (OFP) to protect you and any minor children in your home. If the person named in the OFP tries to make contact with you, then they can be arrested for the violation.

If you are on the receiving end of an accusation, then you will need to defend yourself against the claims. While there are many legitimate cases of domestic violence, there are also those that are not. Unfortunately, in some instances, an OFP is used simply as a means to gain a perceived advantage in a divorce case. Although an OFP can be issued before you have a chance to speak out against it (called an Ex Parte OFP), you will get a chance and can have a Minneapolis family law attorney helping you every step of the way.

Using The Minnesota Domestic Abuse Act To Help You

The ability to immediately seek protection through an OFP is the direct result of the Minnesota Domestic Abuse Act. It is designed to help victims who need safety from an abusive family member. When the OFP is in place, the alleged abuser is forbidden from having contact with the alleged victim. The Ex Parte OFP will remain in place until the Court conducts a hearing (if the Respondent denies the accusations) and determines whether domestic abuse occurred after hearing from the Respondent and whether the OFP should remain in place for up to one or two years.

Contact A Minneapolis Family Law Attorney

Domestic abuse is a serious issue in Minnesota and around the country, which is why it can be a factor in family legal cases. But when an individual is in a domestic violence situation, it is important that steps are taken to establish protection, such as through the acquisition of an Order for Protection. If you need to protect yourself and/or your children or you are someone who has been accused of domestic abuse, legal assistance can help you achieve the best result. To schedule a free consultation, call 952-303-6007 today.